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Arc Beauty Group offers in-depth eyelash extension training courses, designed to hone your skills and help launch your successful career.

To ensure you get the most out of the experience, we hold our eyelash extension courses in small groups. This helps provide our students with a personal approach and personalized feedback, tailoring the practical part of the course to each student’s particular strengths and weaknesses.

Our instructors are all fully certified and trained by some of the leaders in the industry, and leverage years of experience, as well as knowledge of the most advanced techniques and cutting-edge methods. Based on our vast expertise and years of experience, we have developed a unique curriculum that consists of online and in-person training. This enables us to provide you with a solid foundation of the theory of eyelash extension without taking away precious time for hands-on training on the practical day.

We recommend students familiarize themselves with the basics of eyelash extension to make the most out of Arc Beauty Group's training classes. By signing up for our class, you also receive a complete eyelash extension manual and a training kit.


(Tax & Kit included)

Course Details

2 days online training


2 day practical training

Upon successful completion of the course (50 lashes per eye within 3 hours), you will receive your Eyelash Extension Certificate.

Arc Beauty Group Eyelash Extension course aims to develop the following skills:

  • Understanding and working with the different growth cycles

  • Understanding and working with different

  • lengths, thicknesses, curls and materials

  • Removal

  • Aftercare

  • Placement of extensions

  • Marketing techniques & Product

  • Applying lashes onto a model

  • Quick introduction to Volume lashes (2D & 3D)

  • Applying lashes onto a model




  DAY  1-4  ONLINE

You will be reviewing the ARC training manual. Each day we will walk you through step-by-step on how to draw hair strokes so it flows  seamlessly with the natural brow hair. Homework and feedback will be given with each assignment. This must be completed before the start of your practicum as it is essential to understand the pattern. The interactive online part of the course will be customized to each individual depending on your progress.

Day 01


  • Going through training manual 

  • Practice holding the tweezers 

  • Picking up the right amount

  • of glue 

  • Practice isolating and placement 

  • Applying extensions on a mannequin 

Day 02


  • Learn the different methods of taping 

  • Practice isolation with false lashes. 

Day 03


  • Review homework & manual 

  • Go over consultation 

  • Applying extensions on a mannequin 

  • Apply extensions on a Model 

  • Waiver form 

  • Learn the different placements of extensions 

  • Feedback 

Day 04


  • Learning how to remove extensions 

  • Introduction to Volume lashes 

  • Review materials from Day 1 

  • Applying partial set on a model 

  • Feedback 

  • Certification 

Long Eyelashes


  • 1 training manual

  • 2 types of tweezers

  • 1 jar of remover

  • 12 lines of synthetic mink eyelash extensions (lengths from 7mm-15mm)

  • 1 bottle of primer eyelash extension tape

  • 10 pairs of gel pads

  • 1 pack of micro tips

  • 1 bottle of glue

  • 1 pack of cotton tips

  • 1 box of cotton pads


No experience or prior training is required in order to participate in this course however we strongly recommend students have some experience in the beauty industry, have a steady hand and an eye for detail. The ideal candidate would be a makeup artist, aesthetician or related profession however if you do not have experience you are still welcome to attend.

  You will need to find TWO models for the class. One for day 1 and another one on day 2.

Students must complete a practical evaluation before receiving their Arc Beauty Group Certification.

Within 2 months we require our students to submit their top 5 pieces of work via email. Once we approve these photographs, we will mail Arc Beauty Group Certificate with a stamp of approval. Our students will frame these certificates in their studio as a seal of recognition for this achievement.