With our technique using manual hand tool we are able to create realistic hair strokes into the natural eyebrow area. This technique mimics brow hair and blends with the natural brow. This procedures is ideal for clients who have little to no eyebrow hair as you can create the desire shape for your client and it resembles a natural brow shape and fullness with natural hair-like strokes. 


Learn the fundamentals

Unlike other classes that does theory and practicum on the same day, we give you a whole week to practice before coming in. 

You will have time to practice at home on how to draw eyebrows and hair strokes. 

The online class is interactive. Your trainer will be giving you feedback on what you need to work on before you come in with your model.


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Course Details

5 days online training


3 day practical training

​5 day online course will consist of theory and homework. Please be prepared to spare 2-3 hours of your day to practice. 

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  • Health, Safety & Sterilization

  • Structure of Skin

  • Client History

  • Brow shapes for different face shape

  • Symmetry

  • Tools and products required for procedure

  • Skin Diseases & Disorders

  • Color theory, mixing, pigments and corrections

  • Client Consultation/Client Assessment

  • Stretching technique, blades sizes

  • Differences between different blades and why they are used.

  • Brow patterns

  • Measuring brow techniques with different tools

  • Dotting technique

  • Where to purchase the blades and supplies

  • Aftercare

In this 3 day practical course you will work closely with a trainer on both practice skins and live models.



  DAY  1-5  ONLINE

You will be reviewing the ARC training manual. Each day we will walk you through step-by-step on how to draw hair strokes so it flows  seamlessly with the natural brow hair. Homework and feedback will be given with each assignment. This must be completed before the start of your practicum as it is essential to understand the pattern. The interactive online part of the course will be customized to each individual depending on your progress.


Day 06

Review and feedback on the homework that was given throughout the week. 

Step by step process on how to hold the microblading pen and paper placement of strokes. 


  • Powdering technique 

  • Maintenance & aftercare 

  • Take home assignments  

Day 07

Review assignments 

Practical work on live models and on synthetic skins.


  • Practice Pad

  • Live model demonstration

  • Shaping/Drawing

  • Tray set up

  • Maintenance & aftercare

  • How to do a touch-up

Day 08

Practical work on live models and on synthetic skins.


  • Practice Pad

  • Live model demonstration

  • Shaping/Drawing

  • Pricing

  • Going over aftercare

  • Marketing strategies

  • FAQ

  • Certification


  • Training Manual

  • Powdering Machine

  • Numbing cream

  • 9 Disposable hand tools

  • Sticky Rulers

  • Wax pencil

  • Practice Skin

  • Cotton Pads

  • Cotton swabs

  • Pigment cups

  • Gloves

  • Masks

  • 1 pack of micro brush

  • 5 bottles of pigment

  • Certificate of Completion



No experience or prior training is required in order to participate in this course however we strongly recommend students have some experience in the beauty industry, have a steady hand and an eye for detail. The ideal candidate would be a makeup artist, aesthetician or related profession however if you do not have experience you are still welcome to attend.


You will need to find TWO models for the class. One for day 1 and another one on day 2.


Students must complete a practical evaluation before receiving their Arc Beauty Group Certification.

Within 2 months we require our students to submit their top 5 pieces of work via email. Once we approve these photographs, we will mail Arc Beauty Group Certificate with a stamp of approval. Our students will frame these certificates in their studio as a seal of recognition for this achievement.